1. recapturetheflag:

    Can anyone explain to me why photos come out like this? Thought I loaded it correctly, used flash, and rewound it completely. Help! I’m getting so frustrated. (Taken with instagram)

    Hmmm….. I have seen this way too many times. I actually would love to see your negs. That would actually be more helpful. 

    But on first take:

    It looks like you are not getting enough light on your negs. This could happen for multiple reasons. First and foremost is correct exposure. Are you giving the correct amount of light to touch the film plane. If you are, is your meter working correctly? Another could be if you are shooting indoors and your flash is not firing. Maybe you are off sync? Most cameras sync at a 1/60th of a sec so if you are not using that shutter speed it may be that also. Most of the time, there is a little exposure from being off sync but maybe with you it’s different. 

    It also looks like your first exposure you have something exposed so, I’m not sure what happened between that exposure and the rest. 

    Most cameras nowadays automatically sync aperture and shutter speed without a aperture dial. One of the faults of this is if the lens is faulty, there is no way to tell if it is. With a lens that manually changes its aperture, you can see if the aperture is closing and opening. It might be that also. 

    I hope this helps.