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    The Hard Truths of Photography: #4

    This is simply a Truth. Not that, if you own a Hasselblad, you are a great shooter but that a disposable camera, is a tool just like a Hasselblad. We need to get shooting with whatever tool we have and that is what makes us better. It doesn’t matter what we have in our hand, we simply need to practice our craft. Bresson had a manual Leica camera with a 50mm 2.8 lens and that is what he made most of his epic images from. Rowell made most of his images with a Nikormat FTn and a 20mm f/4. And of course Anton used his famous Hassy 500c. All of these cameras were all manual cameras. None of them had the complex automatic metering systems that we have today. The Ftn had a meter but you still had to set your own shutter speed and aperture. All had to be manually focused. 

    I think the secret to really great images, is the ability to know what you need to do when the moment comes. Either it be set an aperture speed, press the shutter, or focus properly…we need to be ready for when the moment comes. And it can happen all the time. Life doesn’t stop for anything so we need to be ready to share what we see with the world.

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  2. Photography as I live and breathe…

    Just a little quickie about my feelings about my life. It’s 11:30pm and I have been working on edits from last Sundays shoot all day and you know what, it’s been a fantastic day. I love what I did, I love what I do, and ultimately I love who I am. I wish this for everybody out there. Being a photographer is my dream, I wish you well on your pursuit of yours.

    Here’s a photo of me at the end of my last shoot being a dorky model.


  3. let’s be honest…..

    Let’s be honest…As photographers,we should all be professionally proficient. Lighting will always be part of the challenge (be it a small one or not) to shooting but really what separates us is what we see. I want to share with the world how I see it.


  4. Printers???


    anyone has any advise on the best brand/model of printers going around??? only need A4 are not worried about much else other than print quality……

    Hello Mr.Furey,

    I only have personal experiences with Epson printers and I have to admit that I love mine. I own the Epson R2400 and it is wonderful. I have made prints up to 11x17 and they have all been gorgeous prints. I have also made a ton of A4 prints so I have seen those capabilities too. I am sure you can find one on the used market for cheap ($350-ish) but for the money of something like this you might as well buy a new one for $1200 USD. I wish I could take a photo of a print but really it wouldn’t matter because you wouldn’t be able to see the quality but just know that you will not be disappointed. I hope this helps.



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  5. guys help. canon or nikon



    i’ve always personally liked canon

    but which is better

    anyone with personal experiences?

    opinions would be nice thanks

    Such a personal question……if you are thinking dSLR, I personally love the button lay out of Nikon and Pentaxs. There is less button pressing to get the shot you want. Also I love the performance of Nikons and Pentaxs. I think Canon def. has the market on a dSLR for video. But for amazing images, I would go Nikon and Pentax. I have a Nikon D700 and personally, I think it has incredible images. It’s low light ability is phenominal. I can shoot in dark clubs and get fantastic images. And obviously, in normal light I also get amazing images.

    image of Grey Damon this was taken during the day f/10 at 1/100.

    or in low light….

    Kina Grannis Culver City f/1.8 at 1/60.

    So def. my Nikon has great abilities to shoot images. The other things that I love about it is how durable it is, the button lay out, and the fact that the majority of most nikon lenses work. Canon has changed their lens mounts a couple of times so they can not claim that.

    If money is no object, when I am not shooting my Nikon, I am shooting Leica.

    A small portable camera that has the best lenses today. I shoot most of my images with it. 

    Another thing, is Pentax is an awesome company with really nice lenses. If you are thinking compact dSLR this is the best way to go. I am considering that for my walk around dSLR I’m going to buy one, in Pink at that with the silver pancake lens.

    It has also been noted that a recent Pentax camera’s (k-x) sensor is just as good as the Nikon D7000. The D7000 was last years breakout camera that was sold out everywhere because it was incredible. And for Pentax to claim that and back it up is incredible. 

    There is a ton to think about when you are purchasing a new camera. The above are just a few things to consider…you are welcome to ask more questions.

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  6. recapturetheflag:

    Can anyone explain to me why photos come out like this? Thought I loaded it correctly, used flash, and rewound it completely. Help! I’m getting so frustrated. (Taken with instagram)

    Hmmm….. I have seen this way too many times. I actually would love to see your negs. That would actually be more helpful. 

    But on first take:

    It looks like you are not getting enough light on your negs. This could happen for multiple reasons. First and foremost is correct exposure. Are you giving the correct amount of light to touch the film plane. If you are, is your meter working correctly? Another could be if you are shooting indoors and your flash is not firing. Maybe you are off sync? Most cameras sync at a 1/60th of a sec so if you are not using that shutter speed it may be that also. Most of the time, there is a little exposure from being off sync but maybe with you it’s different. 

    It also looks like your first exposure you have something exposed so, I’m not sure what happened between that exposure and the rest. 

    Most cameras nowadays automatically sync aperture and shutter speed without a aperture dial. One of the faults of this is if the lens is faulty, there is no way to tell if it is. With a lens that manually changes its aperture, you can see if the aperture is closing and opening. It might be that also. 

    I hope this helps.


  7. Camera Help for Alison

    Hello Alison,
    You are very welcome for the help. I really love photography and love sharing what I know with people out there. 
    So to answer your question….
    You had mentioned that you are going to be getting a camera for Xmas and you were wondering what would be an excellent camera of choice. There was a mention of the Canon 7D, Nikon D7000,and the Pentax K-5. 
    I think all of those are excellent cameras but I think there are things that could be addressed. 

    Let’s begin with the Canon 7D. Awesome camera. I know people who shoot with it professionally here in LA and they def. use it for creating videos/movies. As a matter of fact, I recently just came off a job with a production company and they were using it to create the promotional videos/commercial for a well known hotel. It performed like a champ. I think image quality is spectacular but lets be honest mega pixels doesn’t always equate to great image quality. For example, if you go through my website, the majority of those images are done with a Nikon D700. And the D700 has less mp than the Canon 7D. Which brings me to my next camera…

    I love the Nikon D7000. It is basically my camera ( the D700 ) in a smaller sensor camera. It has amazing iso latitude which allows you to get wonderful low light images. I can speak personally about this camera and I have seen low light images from this shooter and they are fantastic. Image quality is superb. And let’s not forget about the fact that it creates 1080p video also. 

    Ok, the underestimated Pentax. I will put this out there and stand by it. If I didn’t shoot Nikon, I would shoot Pentax. I just love the functionality and ease of use that Pentax has always been! Buttons are always well thought out and functionality has always been consumer based. If you do some homework, you’ll find that people love the sensor that is found in the super compact Pentaxs’. The reports will also state that they are just slightly better than the Nikon D7000( Nikon D7000 vs Pentax K-5 ). That’s a lot to say, for a camera company. And it will also shoot video too!

    Here is where it all matters. With what you shoot, pets and wildlife, what you are looking for is a camera that is quick on the draw and isn’t very confusing to use. Also, there is the issue of how rugged it is and how light it is. You’ll need both of these things if you are going to shoot wildlife and animals. So as you know, pets and animals don’t wait for for you to change your shutter speed/aperture. So it’ll be nice for you to have everything at your fingertips. Also, being outdoors, it is nice to have something that can take a beating and maybe a little moisture/rain. 

    Pentax and Nikon have the ability for you to control shutter speed and aperture with your thumb and pointer finger. The Canon requires you to press an extra button to change them. Which means it is not as quick as the other two. Also, Pentax was created with a stiffer body and better seals for taking bad weather. Since you want to shoot more in dimly lit environments, the Nikon D7000 has excellent high ISO images. 
    If you want to shoot those things…you’ll need very fast lenses. 

    You can get very nice lenses from all 3 companies. This is where the bulk of your money will be spent. And will also be another conversation. I’ll put this out there about Pentax and I’ll say that currently the lenses I am drooling over are all Pentax pancake lenses. They are so awesome. They have this pink lens I really want( it also comes in Silver, gold, blue, red, and some other colors ).

    My choice for you would be either be the Nikon or Pentax. If it was me, I would go Pentax. It has a cheaper price tag on the body and the kit lens that you can get for it has always performed better than the kit lenses form Nikon or Canon. With the extra money you save you can get a nicer lens. And truthfully, the lens is more important than the body right now. I have an old Nikon D70 body. 6 mp camera that is paired with my awesome lenses and the images are still gorgeous. I have shot major jobs with that camera and nobody cared that it was 6mp. What they did care about is that the images were gorgeous. Better yet, get the Pentax K-R. The body is around $500 and you can do yourself a favor by buying a really nice lens. The lens I would choose for you is this:


    this would turn into around a 45mm and would be a great fast lens to do your work with.

    Here are some things to think about in regards to what you shoot……

    animals, needs a wide angle lens. 

    wildlife, needs a big zoom( out to 200mm min )

    portraits, need at least 70mm for a portrait that is not distorted. 

    take a look at this lens, it is completely cool.http://www.pentaximaging.com/camera-lenses/smc_PENTAX_DA_70mm_F2.4_Limited
    for a 70mm lens it will transform to 105ish and will be perfect for portraits at f/2.4!

    I hope this helps, please email me again if you need any clarification. I’ll be glad to help. 


  8. Advice

    The best advice I can give any new photographer trying to increase their skills is to learn how to shoot B/W film. After you master that…E-6.