1. After much thought….

    I think I am going to use this image for my new portfolio bio image. If I can’t find a worthy cover image, this might be it.


  2. Kina not Kina in Texas…

    So I have been sitting on these Texas images for awhile and every time I go back to them, I find things that I love. So I sit on these photos and re-visit them and then re-edit. And obviously like now, show them to the world out there.

    So I have created a Kina Grannis album of some of my new favorites on the Texas part of the Tour. They are a bunch of Kina moments without it looking too much like Kina. I added an album to my website to show more photos.


  3. J Cross

    13 pages of J. Cross on my website. 

    Here is a taste!!!



  4. Big Boi

    Lucious Lefty is one of my favorites of all time. As an on set photographer, I get to see some amazing moments when people are left alone. Here is a fantastic image of Big Boi back stage of a TV show.


  5. T.I.

    Behind the scenes images are always very interesting to me, I find that it gives me a different view of what is happening that we normally don’t see. Here is an image of T.I. on a show I worked on with him as the star. The show never aired( it was a pilot ) but I wish it did. It would have been a fantastic opportunity to shoot some amazing photographs. 


  6. X Games (Skateboard)

    I was invited to the X Games 15 to shoot some stories and I really have not shared them with anyone except ESPN but here is a little something of what I saw…..

    Womens Street

    Womens Street

    Mens Street

    Mens Street

    Mens Vert

    Thanks for looking…..


  7. T.I. Harris

    I love going through my work and finding images that I took that I didn’t think much of then but I love now….

    Here is one of T.I. that I took about 3 yrs. ago. 

    thanks for looking everyone( also for reblogging it ).



  8. Spencer Canon is armed with a wrench and a mouse

    So what does Spencer do every day. He tries to take over the world. Armed with a wrench in one hand and a mouse in the other, Spencer works the impossible every day to live out what he knows to be his dream.

    How do you do it?

    I tend to do the opposite of what everyone is doing and then refine that until it is so refined that that is the perfect solution to what I’m doing. If I was going to say what my process of creating or doing anything would be, that would be it.

    Actually, I meant how do you do it all? You own,” The ” up and coming Cycling company in the world and not to mention you also run a renegade ad and marketing agency that has a respected client list that includes Alpine Electronics. How is it that you can do both these things?

    The funny thing is I am such the X Factor in my life. I can’t help but think that I shouldn’t be trying to do both of these things simultaneously. Running your own ad agency is difficult. And running your own cycling business is difficult. But nobody has any business doing both of these things at once, especially not me because I am not that hard of a worker( I know this to not be true..How can it be? I have known Spencer for quite some time and he has always been hustling and on the go ). Starting an ad agency and being both the main Creative Director and Partner is more than a full time job itself. But also founding a bike company and making the ads, taking the orders, and being the designer, that is also more than a full time job. And having to do them both and not %$^# either of them up….I don’t know how I have not !^%$ it up yet. I don’t get too excited about whether Ritte or Gray Market will become successful. And all I can really do is keep a limited vision and know what I need to do today and do that. And when I know what needs to be done in a week, I focus on that.

    And this is where I remind him that most successful people plan on many short term goals and this builds upon a terrific long time goal…

    But here is where I am the X Factor again…I feel that I have no idea of what I am doing. I just tend to tackle problems as they come. I simply focus and go head on.

    SO then what is like to be Spencer Canon? You have these two amazing companies and they are bursting at the seams. What is it like to be you right now?

    I am really happy right now. For once in my life I can see all my creative endeavors from beginning to end. I can see if they work or don’t work. There are so many people involved in making decisions at an ad agency. I could have a fantastic idea and it would need to pass through so many people that the chances of one of my ideas going to print is pretty small. If my ideas were to be loved by my higher ups, the client themselves would still need to approve the final project. So right now, it is really great to see that I completely control what happens not only in anything creative that I do but what happens in my life. Truthfully, over the past few years I have never been so satisfied with my life because I have never been in this much control over it. Ultimately, that’s is what is important to me. I’m in charge.

    You know you are living the American Dream. Most people dream of starting their own business and doing what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

    It’s true. Ultimately, I don’t think about how much money I will or won’t make but that I am in charge of my life. The idea that I’m in charge of screwing it up or making it what it has become is important to me. I at least know that it will be what it is because of me and not anybody else. Not because of my lack of vision or because somebody made me screw it up. I always feel like I know I need to work harder instead of washing the dishes, sweeping, and staring at the floor.

    Do you know where your life created choices for you?

    I feel that most of my life has been in the process of always preserving choices for me. Even when I went to school, I received degrees in Philosophy and Sculpture. And then a Masters in Philosophy. I did this because I loved that both of the degrees allowed me as many options as I could have. I moved to Los Angeles because I knew that this place had multiple ad agencies. So if I moved out here and didn’t like where I ended up, I could always moved to another agency. When it comes down to it, I am very safe person and I don’t like taking big risks. Everything I do is calculated. You may think that starting these companies is risky. But at the time I started them, it was the only option for me. It was an absolute win win.

    Ok, last question, How many licks does it take to lick to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

    I don’t know, I just bite.

    And this was a perfect answer for Spencer. Just the admittance of him biting in and going head on is pretty much who he is and how I know him. There was no hesitation to answering this question and simply the idea of either he throws caution to the wind and goes for what he wants or that his simple processing power in his brain is so fast it, allows him to gather data so quickly it affords him to simply, ” Bite ” is really a good basis to who he is. Spencer Canon in charge of his life and ready to take over the world with a wrench in one hand and a mouse in the other.

    please take the time to check out what he does:




  9. 1st post…Hurray! Let me introduce you to Michelle Yi.

    If you didn’t know, Michelle Yi is an Underdog. People root for her, people love her, and of course people talk about her. As a contestant of the the reality show Survivor, Michelle had an amazing fan base that would support her and her quest to be the last survivor standing. But that was three years ago… 

    As I walked into Michelle’s place, I was greeted to a huge flat screen tv with a XBox 360 connected to it. On the screen was some sort of video game and then Michelle asked, ” Have you played this before?

    " I looked in front of me and didn’t recognize the game so responded , " No. " 

    And that was when Michelle introduced me to the 360 Kinnect( imagine the Nintendo Wii without the joysticks ).

    So we played video games and chatted about what her life is like now after Survivor…..

    After the show you move here to LA… Why?

    I always knew I wanted to move to California. My siblings are here and I had this great opportunity to become fashion designer for a clothing company here in Los Angeles.  But unlike other people in my industry I don’t really like shopping much. I like the clothes I have but I am never compelled to go out and shop. I have the basics… Two really nice pair of jeans, four tops, a couple of sweaters, and whole bunch of underwear( at this moment, I know in my head that this must be untrue because I have seen her in really cute clothing all the time ). I’m not the person who says , ” I am going to dress like a Ballerina now. “ 

    let’s talk about that…What’s going on in your life right now?

    I’ve been designing for an outdoor clothing company but for some reason people love to talk to me and I get very random job opportunities. I went spinning and some guy who was next to me introduced himself as a producer for Exercise TV and wanted me to be in his videos as a trainer. But do I want to be a trainer in a fitness video? I don’t. Do I want to be a fitness model? Do I want to be a professional athlete? I could become any of these things but I really love my life how it is. I quit my designing job in corporate america and I am now designing for smaller clothing company but truthfully quitting was a really good decision. 

    Do you know what you want to be when you grow up …

    What about if I don’t know what I want to be? I’m still trying to figure that out. Even though I don’t know who I want to be, I’m super happy. I could make things really difficult for myself and put a ton of pressure on me but I don’t. It’s not that I’m lost by any means …  I’m designing clothing right now, I love being a Pilates instructor, and I have this amazing life in this town. 

    I feel like I don’t experience many difficult decisions. Do I want to be on Survivor? Yeah. Do I want to move to LA? Yeah. Do I want to quit my job? Yes. Most of my choices tend to be really easy. I’m very big on not doing things I don’t want to. 

    Don’t you think that takes a supreme amount of courage?

    Yes. I think it does. Especially if you quit your job. Quitting your job reminds you, who is in charge of you. There is nothing more empowering than having courage in yourself to quit your job and doing what you believe in and believing in who you are.

    ….and in my brain, I think that was the end of the interview for me. We talked more and more about random stuff but really, this was the Michelle I wanted to get to know. And certainly know. She has always been this character of determination that is hidden behind a free spirit. She does what she wants because she herself is driven by the desire to be who she is and nothing more. As a side note, I have to let you know I am compelled to end this interview with a cute valediction because when I first met Michelle she told me, ” That you( me ) are filled with so much love and happiness that you could end any letter with anything cute because it would fit who you are. “

    and on that note……

    Puppies and Ice Cream,

    Jeremy Pangilinan